Monday, December 27, 2010

Planktop Table- Base Assembly

Because of the angled joinery, the base is easiest to assemble and clamp as an entire structure. The floating tenons are glued into the skirts and allowed to cure. Glue is applied to the leg mortises and the unit is clamped up.

Because the leg mortises are cut in line with each other the top of the leg is weaker than one with perpendicular mortises. Dragging the table creates a large amount of leverage at the top of the leg, and it could split. A cornerblock is made to strengthen the leg.

I placed a second corner block to further reinforce the joint.

Z-clip slots are cut with a biscuit joiner and a spacer.

The base is mounted to the top with clips and screws.

The clip is a secure mounting method that allows for seasonal movement.

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