Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Table Making- Undercarriage

The legs were shaped before I drilled and installed levellers, otherwise the holes would've been revealed as I removed the taper, if they'd been centred on the leg blank.

A legged table is constructed a little differently than a pedestal, a pedestal mounts to the extension rails, where the leg assembly mounts to the top itself. The dimensions of this table are a little smaller than most, to be able to store leaves between the extension rails the rails are mounted close to the leg skirt assemblies. They wouldn't fit without modification, so the metal track was removed while I sawed off the corner. The metal was ground to match and re-installed.

The corner blocks are a little abnormal, too. Usually I mount them spanning from skirt to skirt, with these I had only room to go between skirt and leg.

Leaf storage rails are installed, they are milled at the same time as the mount for the fifth leg. Legged tables rely on their rails for structural rigidity, at full extension they have a tendency to sag. The table is supported through a fifth leg, mounted with a hanger bolt so the user can easily remove it when the table is used without leaves.

The mounting plate for the fifth leg gets small blocks to keep the leg from rotating on it's bolt. A small profile adds detail to these rarely seen parts.

Fully assembled, ready for finish.

Opened, showing leaf storage.

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