Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wood Show 2011

I am fortunate to live in an area that celebrates craft. In Saskatchewan we have several groups that focus attention on local artists, and here in my hometown there are at least four groups meeting monthly that focus on woodwork. The biggest is the Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild. They have been active since 1978, and hold meetings, charity events, and shop tours. The Guild has a very strong educational presence with a large library and skill development workshops. The year end Wood Show is a highlight for me. This year I was floored by the quality of the work shown.

Turning by Phil Ochosky

Segmented turning by Leo Fritz

Intarsia by Bob Baker

Turning by Ab Odnokon

Turning by Jack Dzus

Marquetry by Walter McNabb

Turning by Duncan Birch

Carving by Cal Isaacson

Pierced turnings by Debra McLeod

There is always a section featuring work produced by local high school students. This Gibson replica was made by Aaron Berg.

This Oud, Guitar, and Lute were made by Weldon Gray. The quality of work is amazing on these pieces.

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