Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Gets

I got a pair of Lee Valley gift cards from my nephews for Christmas, I used them to pick up the 8000x waterstone.

It's an expensive stone, and one I had been holding out on purchasing. I was getting decent results from my 4000x pocket stone, so I made do.

This is an upgrade in the keeness of the edge produced. My only complaint is that it is mounted to a base, I prefer to use both faces of a stone, and double my time between lapping sessions. I am looking forward to the results I'll see in the future, as my blade faces become polished with repeated use. In the meantime, my forearm hair is taking a beating.

Customer Service

I had a small issue with the Lie Nielsen carcass saw I got for Christmas. It was a minor flaw, it made the grip uncomfortable. I wrote an email to the company two weeks ago, and my complaint was taken care of completely today.

Thank you, Lie Nielsen, for excellent customer service.

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