Friday, May 21, 2010

New Gets

My Uncle-in-Law gave me this Sargent & Co. Ajax Bow Saw.

It's maple, and there are traces of green, red, and white paint. When I get some time I think I would enjoy making a copy. The broken stretcher and front blade mount are fatal problems for this saw, but I really like the turnbuckle tensioning system. For now the saw decorates the shop wall, but I may "borrow" this when I make a new one.

I haven't done much research yet, but it looks like Sargent & Co was based in New Haven, Connecticut, and made a variety of things from handplanes to cowbells.

Thanks, Uncle Bryan!


While looking into this further, I've come across this copy of a 1911 Sargent catalogue. I can't find an exact match for the saw, but I did find this ad for the Ajax extra heavy saw rod.

In the Spring

..a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, and woodworkers can spray projects outdoors.

12' 8/4 poplar joist cover/ shelf, two coats of lacquer. Sprayed the morning after a rain, to keep down the local poplar fuzz.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Gets

$20 bought me a Stanley 358A Mitre Box yesterday.

Its blade is 2" longer and 1" taller than the one from my 2246A Box.

I like using these on location. A cardboard box under the Workmate I clamp it to catches all the dust. That and the lack of noise mean I can cut indoors, so it becomes quicker to use it rather than a powered Mitre Saw outside.

On the shelf awaiting a cleaning and sharpening.

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