Monday, October 13, 2014

New Gets

My annual Lie-Nielsen package arrived a while ago.

I picked up a Carbide Burniser.

98/99 Side Rabbet planes.

A 66 Bronze Beader.

And a right handed 140 Iron Skew Rabbet, to match my left.

As well, I got a No.85 Cabinetmakers Scraper. Due to problems with obtaining material, checking issues, and with increasing employee sensitivity to the allergens inherent to cocobolo that option has been discontinued. That makes this scraper the first LN tool (aside from chisels) that I own without upgraded wood. I'm saddened, I used to tell customers I thought that the $50 upcharge was a fantastic bargain, as the cocobolo looked like a million bucks.

This ones already earned its keep, I used it a few weeks ago to scrape old lacquer off a dining table refinish job. It's got me thinking the large scraper might be a worth while investment.

I also got a Hornbeam Mallet, made by Blue Spruce Toolworks for Lie-Nielsen. Due to problems with the material checking these were discontinued almost as soon as they were released. I was fortunate to receive this one.

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