Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saw Stopped!

In April Great Western Saw held an open house with several reps in attendance. I shot a video of the Saw Stop demo with my phone. The rep in the video makes me laugh, his body language is pretty clear regarding his comfortability level with a tablesaw. The "Brent" he mentions is Brent Loucks, a local DJ.

Thanks to Jon and the rest of the staff for putting on this event, and for their excellent customer service.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I had a twenty year old table come in over the weekend for a refinish. These jobs work well as gap fillers between large projects or as a mindless task to warm up with on a Monday morning.

The table is disassembled, the skirts carefully marked for orientation and the hardware collected into a labeled container.

I used to use chemical strippers but have since switched to sanding the old finish off. A worn belt on the stroke sander works faster, cheaper, and with a better result. Furthermore, I don't have to deal with the chemical.

The top is then clamped to my benchtop and the edge profile is cleaned.

I use a card scraper to remove the old lacquer and to clean right into the inside corner of the fillet, then a piece of sandpaper finishes the job.

The entire edge is done, the top inspected closely and the flaws marked. The top is put back on the stroke sander for a final clean up.

A coat of Watco Fruitwood danish oil is applied, the original colour. If this were any other species I would go ahead and spray two coats of lacquer, but because red oak is so pourous I need to wait. The surface needs to be wiped down periodically as oil seeps out then finally cures.

After the oil has dried I spray a coat of post-cat nitrocellulose lacquer. Twenty minutes later I sand it with a 220 sanding sponge, and give it a second coat.

Assembled and ready for another twenty years!

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