Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Gets

I attended a school board auction a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to walk away with a pair of Powermatic 45 lathes.

I was hoping to have first choice for under $350. If I did I'd take two (of the six that were there) so I could have a parts machine. I ended up being the high bidder at $225.

$30 more bought me a box of "parts";

and a factory outboard stand.

They are powered by 3/4 horse Robbins and Meyers three phase motors.

Which are dual voltage.

I've never had such an easy time finding out the birthday of a machine.

Jeff Smith replied to my post on OWWM.org. He thinks he may know "GLM", one Gerald Motley, a Sales Manager at Powermatic in the 1980's.

I ran them both, and chose the one that ran smoothest for my user.

The other will go into my rathole for storage.

Both came with a nicely made dusthood with a flip up grille.

My kind and wonderful wife has registered me for the Michael Hosaluk woodturning class at Lee Valley. As this is a little like Al Unser teaching Drivers Ed., I've been reading and practising like a madman. My friend Don Kondra kindly provided me with some education and experience, of which I am grateful.

Me and my first shavings, Don's Shop, photo by Mr.Kondra himself.

The final tally is:
2 PM45 lathes consisting of a stand, bed, headstock, vs assembly, motor and electrics, and all knobs
3 complete tailstocks including wrenches and live centres
1 spare tailstock wrench
1 spare live centre
4 banjos
1 8" plate
1 6"
2 4"
1 3"
2 4" rests
2 6"
1 16"
4 12"
1 90°
3 spur drives
1 knockout rod
1 outboard stand

The bill came to just over $500.

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