Sunday, December 19, 2010

Planktop Table- Joinery

The base on this table features rectangular legs 45° to the skirt. Because of the odd joinery, I used the Leigh jig.

The mortises were cut in the legs. Because the table tilts up to 30°, I had to attach a 25° wedge to get the 45° angle I needed to cut the tenons.

The long skirts were a challenge.

However, the tenons proved to be to weak to work, the extreme angle made them all short grain. I cut them all off and went to a loose tenon join.

The change in plan meant a change for the mortise location in the legs, as well.

A set of stops is positioned and the legs are given a first shaping.

Levelers are drilled for with the drill press, an f-clamp braced against the column prevents the leg from grabbing and spinning in your hand.

A dowel is used to pound them home.


  1. Pretty cool and I think your fix to the tenon issue is a good one.

    Nice drill press. My next purchase is going to be a planer and then the drill press. I am going to have to borrow my Dad's old Sears bench top drill press for the next step on my project. It is really old.

    Do you use the Leigh jig much?

  2. Thanks Jeff, I normally avoid loose tenons but they're appropriate, in this case.
    The drill press is nothing special, made in China five or six years ago. I've got a Canadian Buffalo in my storage shed that just needs it's motor shaft turned down to accept the stock step pulley before it's ready to run. It's pretty neat, I completely restored it, new paint, bearings, electrics, and a good polish.

  3. I use the Leigh jig about three times a year.


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