Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Gets

I attended an auction over the weekend, there was plenty to entice my bottom-feeding tendencies.

I picked up some lumber, a large plank of an exotic rosewood, species, anyone?

I also picked up these three ebony boards.

The top one is interesting. It has a paper label from an Indian company.

Jan 78 is written on the reverse side.

After some online study, I believe this board is Ceylon Ebony, Diospyros ebenum. The Gaboon Ebony I've used is a brittle, splintery wood like Wenge. This board reminds me a lot of graphite, smooth, slippery, fine grained, and a rich, sparkling black. The handplane made a peculiar gritty noise as it passed through the fibers, I wonder how long the edge will hold up.

Most of my ebony goes into inlays and plugging dowel holes, but I think I'll be hanging onto this plank. An instrument fretboard perhaps? The lumber was $13 a board, I probably shoud've bought more.

I also got an interesting box lot. I got what I think is a vintage Delta Homecraft mitre gauge and a Veritas saw blade truing disc, which I'm looking forward to giving a try out although I think may be too much of a hassle to use . Also there was a pair of Freud shaper guide bearings, and in my bid to have the most complete vintage Delta shaper in the world a set of eight cutters in their original boxes.

My most expensive purchase of the day is a set of three Dazor double flourescent bulb swing arm lamps, two in white, and one in brown.

They were $10 each, a bargain in my opinion. I'll probably mount one over the sanders, as it's dark in that corner of the shop, and one will go over my future lathe. The brown one however, matches the brown bell shade one I have on my bench, so I think they should be buddies.

Did you find it?


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