Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Studley Machine Shed

Who doesn't admire H.O.Studley's tool chest?

I've been working wood for seven years for a shop downtown. During this time I've been buying and stashing machinery. I almost have a full complement now, all packed away in the little shed at the back of our lot. As soon as I get a building, I'll be ready.

I think H.O. would have been proud.

That, from left to right, is:
1 DeWalt GA 14" Radial Arm Saw
3 Delta HD Shapers
3 Delta Unisaws
1 Walker Turner Lathe
1 Progress Stroke Sander, 6' bed
1 Beaver 24" Scroll Saw
1 Baldor 6" Bench Grinder
1 DeVilbiss Air Compressor
3 Buffalo/ Canadian Blower and Forge 15" Drill Presses
2 Preston Mortisers
1 Yates American Y20 20" Bandsaw
1 Canadian Blower and Forge 18" Drill Press
1 Sand Rite Pump Sander
1 Powermatic 141 14" Bandsaw
1 Powermatic 100 12" Planer
1 Pirana 24" Scroll Saw
1 Crappy offshore edge sander
1 Crappy offshore air compressor
1 10" Baldor Pedestal Grinder (not shown)
Plus gardening, camping, and general storage.

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