Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Gets

Everytime I'm at Lee Valley I check over the discount table while waiting for my number to be called. Every now and then I fnd a good deal, last time I got two pair of Brusso hinges.

I've been thinking about making a wall mounted tool cabinet, and these will work perfectly. They are the first pair of Brussos I've held, and they are magnificent. They make the no-mortise type I've been using look like garbage. The leaves are thick, the countersinks crisp, and the action is wonderful. Machined from solid brass, they swing freely without slop. All they require is a quick buffing before installation.

These were discounted because of being old stock. They bear the names of Larry and Faye Brusso, who started the company and sold it sometime pre-2003. These hinges from the new Brusso company sell for $43.50 a pair. I purchased $87 worth of hardware for $35. Insert gloaty emoticon here.

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