Saturday, October 17, 2009

Five Minute Bench 4

New Gets

I snagged some decent deals at a local antiques store. I wish more of them carried tools.

I needed to pick up a coping saw for some trim work this weekend, I was thrilled to get this vintage Disston for $5.

Ooooh, it's a double strike.

Millers Falls countersink, $2, #5 gouge, $1.

It's an Addis. :)

Cool vacuum gauge, if it works I'll use it with my vintage Welch pump.

I've got a thing for old gauges (and old wristwatches). The crescent moon pointer and chaper ring are seen in my pair of DeVilbiss gauges.

Five Minute Bench 3

These practise pieces are fun, I'm really seeing improvements in my accuracy and speed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Veneer Day

I finished up this curly eucalyptus veneer closet door today. This was fun, a long joint in challenging veneer. I applied it directly to the old door, which was a 1/2" shorter than the vacuum bag.

The veneer was ornery, curly and heavily wrinkled. I spritzed the two pieces with a glycerine/water mixture and pressed it between two heavy sheets of MDF. The next day it was dry and flat enough to joint. I clamped it between two straight pieces of plywood and jointed them straight with a hand plane. I then drew the joint together by hand and used green masking tape to hold it while it went through the vacuum bag.

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