Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Gets

Also under the Christmas tree this year were gifts from the in-laws.

My Father-in-Law gave me this Mohawk-Shelburne breast drill, which came "from back on the farm".

The Mohawk-Shelburne name was Millers Falls economy line, good tools aimed at the occasional user. According to this Old Tool Heaven web site, this drill was manufactured between 1935 and 1949.

It's a two speed model with a three jaw, 1/2" chuck.

Loosening the knurled knob and sliding the main gear up engages the outer ring of teeth, resulting in more bit rotations per crank revolution.

Also, for the third year running, my Mother-in-Law gave me a Lie-Nielsen socket chisel. This is a tradition I will fully encourage.

They're so nice, easy to look at and a joy in the hand. I'm looking forward to having the whole set, late 2017.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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