Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Gets

Also under the tree this year was a Veritas Miniature Edge Plane.

It comes in a fitted box with an anti-corrosion chip and full instruction.

The body is 2 3/8" long, machined stainless steel.

The lever cap is a nice piece of work the size of your pinkie nail.

My only complaint is I wish the lever cap knob was made of brass.

I find miniatures fascinating, especially ones that function. This one works right out of the box, leaving a smooth surface square to the edge.

I got a second miniature plane this Christmas, it won't take a shaving but it will contain my keys.

Thanks Barb and Eric!


  1. That is pretty cool. Is something that small hard to use. Must not be since you have such a nice shaving going in the photo.

  2. You know, it was kind of funny, when I first got it I was playing around with grips and hand placement and thinking it would be awkward in use. Then I took it to the shop and just used it without thinking. It is a one-handed tool. :)


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