Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Gets

I don't often buy tools online. I find that shipping costs, paticularly in Canada, add too much to the total bill. When I surf eBay, I use the "Distance: Nearest First" option to see items within pick up distance. This narrows my options down a lot, too. My city, Saskatoon, is relatively young, the population is small, and my province's economy is historically agriculturally based. There just isn't a lot of old tools around.

However, sometimes the sun shines and I find something interesting. A while back I bought this folding mitre box, in most of it's original finger jointed box.

There is a rod, with a decorated head, that stores in the side.

This rod slips into a hole in the front of the box when it's opened, holding the bottom flat.

There are metal guides, one at 90° and two at 45°, slotted for adjusting to the thickness of the saw plate.

Brass studs prevent cutting through the bottom while keeping damage to the saw at a minimum.

I think this is made by the Gem Folding Miter Company, The Alaska Freezer Company, Winchendon, Massachusetts. However, there are several differences between this one and examples I can find online. The Gem boxes came in a cardboard box, the hinges and wood are different, the guides are a white metal, they have a ruler scale printed on the front, and they have a decal. The only mark on mine is the word "patented" stamped on one end, as of yet I haven't been able to find record of the patent or it's holder.

The box has a 3" capacity, too deep for my Lie Nielsen Carcass saw.

When I first got it I intended to salvage the metal guides and install them on a shop made bench hook, but now I think that would be wrong. I'll keep my eyes open for a Gem model to disassemble, this one will stay in its present condition.


  1. Cool how it all folds up and as you point out, it is interesting, but I really like your LN saw.

  2. So do I, Jeff. If I had to choose ten tools to take to a deserted island my two LN saws would be there.


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