Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bar Stools- Assembly

Assembly begins with the preparation of the parts.

Saw marks are removed, and other milling marks as well.

The backs are assembled.

Front legs are cleaned up.

Fronts are assembled.

The backs are cleaned up.

A block plane and spokeshaves are used to fair the joinery.

I used my old shave to hog off big thick curls.

The tight mouthed Veritas shave leaves a beautiful surface after.

After the back rails are shaped, the back is rabbeted for the upholstery. The rabbeting bit is touchy, requiring a sharp, clean edge, and constant climb cutting.

I marked one with my initials and the year.

The fronts and backs are joined.

Corner blocks are made and marked, as they are location specific. Holes are drilled and counterbored for seat screws.




  1. that shot of the tucker vise holding the back frame horizontal creates some deep routed jealousy in myself. lovely.

    do you have any shots of the machine that does your slot mortises and tenons? i think i need one.

    As always looking great.


  2. Thanks Tyler. I love my Tucker. Did you notice the angled front jaw in the first couple of photos? It's an excellent vise.

    The machine I used is the Leigh FMT. I don't like it normally, but with projects like this where the joinery is unusual it really shines.

    Thanks for the compliment, I like how they turned out myself. I'm looking forward to finish and upholstery being done.

  3. Thank you, Jeff. They were a lot of fun to figure out.


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