Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Gets

While working on the stools, one thing became clear; my old spokeshave couldn't work. The mouth was far too big, tearout was inevitable. I decided to purchase the Veritas spokeshave in the flat and round bottoms, with the A2 iron.

The shave is very well made. Highlights include the lever cap.

The iron is an impressive 1/8" thick, and dwarfs the vintage blade.

The mouth is already slight, but with the use of the included shims the mouth is a sliver, compared again to the old shave.

These attributes, added to its heavy body, result in a shave that cuts very cleanly.

The round and flat bottom shaves are very complementary.

It doesn't take much of a curve before the flat bottom stops cutting.

The round bottom is a little more difficult to control. It's use is for the inside curves only.

After a quick honing, both shaves handled this curly maple with ease.



  1. Darnell,
    Did you try shimming the old spokeshave ?

  2. Hi RayDrake,
    I did, I used a margarine tub lid to make a pair of shims. It did work, but setting the shave was hassle enough, the shims spun around the single screw. It was irritating.

  3. thanks for your answer


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