Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bar Stools- Rungs

Rungs are important structural part of any chair, but even more so on a tall stool. The lengthened legs put increased leverage on the seat joinery, and the front rung serves as a footrest and as a mounting aid. I cut mine from 6/4 stock, as they need to be a full 1" x 1 1/4". I try to choose for the straightest grain on these parts.

The angles are found in the same manner as the seat backs. The portions already made are clamped up and traced.

The part is drawn.

Angles are found with the bevel gauge.

Same goes for the front legs.

Joinery is located directly from the leg.

My Veritas Sliding Bevel is one of my favourite layout tools. As far as I'm concerned, its cam lock is the only appropriate method for securing the blade on a tool of this nature. The blade is 1" wide, making tenon layout easy.

Nine stools, IKEA flat pack style:

Dry fit:



  1. Nice work. The bar stool are looking good. I went back in your archive a few posts and didn't see it (I could have easily missed it), but I suppose these are for a client, not for your own use?

  2. Thanks Jeff!
    Yes, they are for a client. I'll be keeping the poplar one as a sales sample, though.


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