Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bench Making- Completed Work

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Bench Making- The Carcass
Bench Making- The Legs and Base
Bench Making- Top Dovetails
Bench Making- Mounting the Tucker
Bench Making- The Top
Bench Making- Modifying the Twin Screw
Bench Making- The Drawers
Bench Making- Final Assembly
Bench Making- Completed Work
Bench Making- The Specs


  1. It doesn't get any better then that.

  2. Darnell, this is a fine bench you had build your self! Is the end vise from LN? It look realy( the entire bench) good!

  3. Darnell, this is incredible! Thank you for taking the time to show us the entire process in pictures. It's a stunning bench, and I'm both jealous and humbled, well done!

  4. Tyler, Jeff, David, Devin, thanks. I appreciate the response.

    David, the vise is a Veritas.

  5. Thank you Darnell for posting the details of your work. This is an excellent piece of craftsmanship. Truely a masterpiece. Thank you for taking us through your journey from rough work to art.


  6. I write you from Italy with my scholastic English, I hope is understood.
    If there was a Nobel Prize for carpentry it would be your , beautiful bench, precious materials, functional for the vices and drawers, massive for the structure, elegant in form. But I do not understand what is the ring on the leg.
    Congratulations again and thank for explanation.
    Greetings from the Italy

  7. Thank you for the compliments, Reed. I'm glad you like it.

    Vittorio, your English is easily understood. Thank you for the kind words.

    The ring on the leg is a fun bent lamination project I call a Joe Dog. I'm not sure if the slang translates, in 1930's America a cup of coffee became known as a "cup of joe". My Joe Dog is a coffee mug holder. You can see more here-

  8. Darnell
    Permit me to add my voice to the chorus. Well done, indeed! For those of us considering attempting to replicate your beautiful design, and at the risk of seeming boorish for asking, would mind sharing what the total cost turned out to be?

  9. Hello Anon
    Thanks. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't outlandish, either. The vises are worth close to a grand. The lumber I got at great prices- $1-$2 bf, from my employer and at auction. I don't think my wood bill was over $400. The drawers have a sheet and a half of baltic birch, worth around $100. Drawer slides, $80.

  10. Thanks! That's a doable budget, assuming I can get wood for anything close to the price you did. It really has inspired me to build a bench (if the temperature abates a good bit). Thanks again for all the information on what is indeed, a really splendid piece of wood working.

    Rick Cooledge
    Phoenix, AZ

  11. You aren't restricted to beech by any means, if you can't find it at a good price, look into other species.
    I'm glad you like my bench, you're welcome for the info. If there's anything else you'd like to know, please ask!

  12. This is an absolute masterpiece! You have inspired me.

  13. Darnell:

    Excelent job and very inovative. I'm in the process of building my dream bench. I have been searching the internet for months getting ideas for my bench and finally put it all together. I however got a couple more after viewing your pictures. I believe I will also make a wood cover for my twin screws. Yes, I have (2) 24" Lee Valley vises one as a end vise and the other as a face vise. Also on the opposite corner from the face vice I installed the highland patternmakers vise. Guess these should cover mose needs. Question, if I use a single handle on the twin screws do you loose any ability of the vise such as clamping tapered parts? If I can retain all functions of the vise with only one handle I like that better. Any advise is appreciated. I will send pictures when it is completed. Again beautiful job.

    Greg Brunk

  14. Thanks Greg.
    The handle I removed was the slave handle, I retained the master with its disconnect, so I retained the full tapering function. I much prefer the single handle. It wasn't available when I built my bench, but if I had to do it all again I would take a serious look at the Lie-Nielsen twin screw, which is a single handle vise.
    The main advise I would give would be to install the vise as per directions, fine tune it's action and get it completely set up. Cutting the handle off should be the last thing you do, as getting the vise dialed in without it is difficult.

  15. Hi Darnell
    You've made a working piece of art.
    The front face incorporating the Tucker vise, is what i was really interested in.
    I was given one of these vises(?), but no mount instructions.
    If you have a copy, could you please send me a copy? It would certainly shorten my construction time.
    Thanks for your help

  16. Thanks, Craig.
    You were given a Tucker? Lucky!
    I could get you a copy, but I'm on vacation and won't be able to for a month. I'm sure if you contacted Veritas they would send you a copy in the meantime.


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