Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bench Making- The Specs

White beech, steamed beech, ebony, sugar maple drawer sides, baltic birch plywood drawer bottoms.

Veritas Tucker and Veritas Twin Screw vises.

460 lbs empty, 600+ lbs with tools

Main work done weekends May-September 2009, completed March 2010.

The Blogs

Bench Making- The Carcass
Bench Making- The Legs and Base
Bench Making- Top Dovetails
Bench Making- Mounting the Tucker
Bench Making- The Top
Bench Making- Modifying the Twin Screw
Bench Making- The Drawers
Bench Making- Final Assembly
Bench Making- Completed Work
Bench Making- The Specs


  1. forethought. vision,resourcefullness, enginerring,art, craftmanship,persistence,capacity,love : a fantastic job!

  2. Wow, thanks Carlos. You're making me blush!


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