Monday, April 12, 2010

Bench Making- Final Assembly

The leg tenons have been drilled and kerfed for wedges.

I put several layers of plywood across the base, and placed the top on the stack. The tenons were guided home as the plywood was removed. They were glued and ebony wedged.

The compartment holds spare drawer slides, vise parts, insruction manuals, and replacement pencil sharpeners and blades.

I added a strip of end grain. My top board as well as all four base panels were made from this impressive beech slab.

My good friend Don Kondra turned matching handles for my vises. They're made from the remainder of the curly board used to make the drawer fronts. Brass accents and an ebony knob.

To make it easier to clean, I added a molding to the interior of the tool tray. A small cove to eliminate the interior corner.

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