Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tool Event

Last week the Lie Nielsen Tool Event came to town, hosted by James Hopper, a very talented local craftsman.

Ted came up all the way from Maine, we discussed tools, the weather, and badminton.

Jeremy Tomlinson came from Vancouver to demonstrate various techniques.

Here he is with the #48 Tounge and Groove plane, a clever and facsinating tool specifically for the joint. It's everything a hand tool should be; quick, silent, and providing an excellent result. If I wasn't saving my pennies for the as yet unreleased compass plane I would've bought one.

They brought pretty much the whole range to play with, I had a lot of fun test driving tools I'd only seen online or in the catalogue. I was most impressed with their ergonomics, every one was satisfing to hold.

The event was an enjoyable time, playing with tools, talking with fellow woodworkers, and taking in the presentations. I even got in on the fun, doing a couple of quick demos on hand cut dovetails.

I'd like to thank Lie-Nielsen for coming to my small city, James for hosting the event, Jeremy and Ted for the presentation, and Don Kondra for the photos. Shavings, and friends, were made.


  1. me too ! marvelous encounter

  2. Yeah, I really enjoy those shows. Last year they came to Sacramento, CA on my birthday! What a great way to turn a year older!

  3. It's a great time, if you guys get the chance to attend, do.
    John, did you get a present? I'd be milking the birthday thing shamelessly.
    I'm heading to Edmonton this morning to attend the event there. I'll take photos!

  4. Darnell,

    Is there actually a compass plane coming, or are you just teasing us?

  5. According to the 2011 Calendar, the 30th Anniversary Tool will be a limited edition compass plane. According to unoffical rumor, it will be a reproduction of the Stanley #113 in white bronze.


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