Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Current Work

1964 Powermatic PM45 Lathe


  1. You know, I like your woodworking, but I think this is your best project yet. So cool to have a restored vintage tool like that. I watch several TV shows where vintage cars are restored - you could do one with power tools. :)

  2. Very well done Darnell.

    Now let's see some work off it :)

    Cheers, Don Kondra

  3. great looking and running machine there Darnell, give yourself a pat on the back.

  4. Right when are you coming over to restore my old cast iron, next week is good for me? Brilliant job.

  5. Hi Darnell,
    Beautiful work - Congratulations to the outcome.

  6. Thank you, Petr.

    Thanks Mark. I could think of no better vacation, or place to take it. You know what, I am tired of winter, expect me on your doorstep on Monday. :)

    I admire English machinery, there is plenty of Wadkin around here. Your Sedgwick is interesting, is it an over/under?

    Tyler, thanks for the nice words, and I still have the W-T if you're interested.

    Don, I've had to re-join society after being in the shop so much lately, so I've only had the time to play with it once. I turned a cherry spindle just for kicks, and it seems that I am a better turner than I thought. It runs so much better now there is a marked difference in the final product. It's quiet, too. The loudest part is the air turbulence caused by the spinning wood.

    Jeff, I believe you just described my dream job. However, aside from bearing and belt manufacturers I don't think I would be able to find sponsors. I'm pretty sure Powermatic would prefer you bought new. :)

  7. My Sedgwick is an over and under, a great little machine, and very powerful. When I was looking for machines when I was setting up, most of the Wadkin gear was to big to fit in my shop(oh for more space). So I went for Sedgwick as these are aimed at smaller workshops, but still very solid and accurate.

  8. Interesting. Thanks for the insight, Mark.


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