Saturday, February 1, 2014

Current Work

Branding Iron
Cocobolo, Brass, Steel


  1. Nice iron Darnell.
    I've never used cocobolo, what's it like on plane irons? I have a lump I bought some time ago, that I would like to make a new handle and knob for an old plane I acquired.

  2. It planes really nicely but its effect on irons is hard to determine from the eight little facets I worked. I'd imagine it to be hard on them though, the pretty stuff usually is. It polishes beautifully, I used Micro-Mesh foam backed sanding pads up to 12000, after that oil and lacquer didn't improve its looks. Keep your lathe rpms low while sanding, cocobolo doesn't like heat and the surface will become hazy if it gets too warm.


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