Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm published!


  1. Congratulations!! That's a fantastic article. Did you submit it, or did they find you?

    Great work!

  2. Awesome! I just read that from their email.

    I made some similar to yours but used the chamfer guide for the lee valley block plane for the initial shaping, much more peaceful than a router :)

  3. Thanks, Seamus. Robin Lee checked out my blog here and suggested I submit.

    Mark, I don't have the champher guide but I've long thought about picking it up. Do you use yours much?

  4. Great article Darnell, You make it look easy (that could refer to making handles or writing about making handles- your choice).

    Maybe it's time to start turning pens?

  5. Thanks Marilyn!

    Thanks Brad. The handles are easy, you should make a set. :) Writing doesn't come naturally to me, but I've found the more I do the easier it is. I'm glad you liked the article.

    I have all the gear for pen making. I bought a coffee can full of mandrels, end mills, and bushings from a woodworkers widow a few years ago. I have yet to turn any pens, frankly I look at my boxes of scrap, think of how many hundreds of pens are in there, and walk away overwhelmed. I'll turn them someday, but not soon.


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