Saturday, October 30, 2010

Table Making- Five Sided Leg

The latest table through the shop has a dissapearing taper on the inside corner, this along with a roundover profile picks up on design elements found in the chairs the client chose.

I begin with the legs, milled square and cut to length, mortises cut.

A sled is made for the planer, the taper dictated by the amount of rise. The planers feed rollers act on the stock, so a front stop is used to keep the leg onboard. I'll also send the jig through the thickness sander, its feed belt pushes the sled, so a rear stop is also installed.

The sled is passed through the planer.

Because the planers feed rollers marr the stock at the top of the taper, I stop short of the final goal.

Paying attention to grain direction, the taper is finished on the jointer.

The legs can be proven consistent when the taper makes a perfect disappearing square.

I like making shapes and flipping them around to form other designs, it creates inspiration for other projects. I wonder where I could incorporate this interesting pattern.

I wasn't able to get a photo of this table in the clients house, so to illustrate the relationship between this leg and the chairs here's a photo of a similar table I made several years ago.


  1. I'm impressed by your video skills while running a board throught the planer.

    I am also impressed by your jointer that has a bed large enough to display the cool looking legs with room to spare :)

  2. Ha! Thanks Jeff, truth be told that wasn't the first take. :)

    That jointer is a wonderful 12" wide, I love it but not enough to turn down a 16" General, Poitras, Wadkin, or Crescent.


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