Saturday, September 25, 2010

Current Work

Mans Jewelry Box
Koa, Ebony, Leather


  1. That is a handsome box. How did you like working with the Koa?

  2. Nice mitered dovetails. Looks really good!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Jeff, Koa is my new favourite wood. This was made of a scrap that's been in the shop since before my time, I resawed it into several strips, it cut cleanly with no stress. It likes both hand and power tools, and it's BEAUTIFUL. I oiled and lacquered a strip that was full of checks and the live edge just to hang on the shop wall. The colours are astonishing. The only disappointment I felt was regarding the smell. Most "exotics" smell that way, like cinnamon and foriegn spices (my favourite smell is Imbuya), this was almost scentless. It may've just been this board, though.

  4. Wonderful job - specifically what is the global emblem on the pieces?


  5. Thanks Woodwreck!
    The globe is nothing more than the motif, it doesn't represent anything specifically. They were a series of presents my Wife bought me for two birthdays and a Christmas, cumulating with the cufflinks for our wedding. Everytime we travel they are packed in Ziplock bags, I finally made something a little nicer. :)

  6. OH - I thought maybe you had served in the Royal Marines, Darnell.
    Ae you sure...?


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