Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Gets

A buddy of mine is the distributor for Defiant Energy LED lighting. These bulbs are the newest chip style LED light. This bulb is dust proof, impact reistant, and hazardous location compatible. They have a 43,000 hour warranty, with no appreciable degradation of light quality before 75,000 hours. Instant start even at cold temperatures. They are mercury free, and have an extremely low environmental impact in both manufacture and disposal. They are silent and full spectrum.

I replaced the 60w bulb in my bench light for this 3w LED. The incandescent threw off a lot of heat, a problem because I like the light close to my hands and face when sawing joinery. My absolute favourite thing about this bulb is that it is completely cool running.


  1. Thank you for posting this, do you have a web link? Where can you get them?

  2. Hey David
    Give Les Derksen an email,, tell him Darnell sent you. He has everything from these little 3w to bay lights to street lamps.

  3. Thank you Darnell, i will!


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