Monday, April 5, 2010

Bench Making- The Legs and Base

The legs are bookmatched 8/4 steamed beech. The panels are bookmatched white beech, from the same board as the back panels. All joinery is pegged and ebony capped.

The front legs have tenons to fasten through mortises in the top.

Standing, with kerf for compartment floor.

Glued to carcass.

The compartment floor is tapered by bench plane.

The other leg set is glued to the carcass.

Corner blocks installed.

The drawer slide supports are glued into the centre stile.

Then that structure is glued into place.

The base!

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  1. Holy mackerel! That is a gorgeous bench, Darnell. :o)

  2. Thanks Kari!

    I'm just getting started. :D

  3. I am building my first workbench, but it sure won't look as nice as yours. Outstanding job and workmanship. I think yours is one of my favorite benches with the base cabinet. Almost makes me want to start all over again. Wilson E. Stevens Sr.

  4. Thanks Wilson. Cabinets in workbench bases are not "recommended", but I wouldn't give mine up. Good luck with yours, and if you post photos I'd like to see them.


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