Saturday, February 27, 2010

Table Making- Ready to Finish

The leaf is a good fit.

I measure the space and shape blocks on the side sander.

The blocks are glued and screwed to the skirts, and screwed to the tabletop.

Here's the table assembled, two leaves stored.


Base and chair by David Wigelsworth.

I mark the table and leaves with corresponding numbers, to make it easy to find the best layout.

The table is then torn down for sanding and finishing. All parts are stamped as they are disassembled.

When the rails come off I have access to be able to put blocks behind the table skirts.

The bottom of the table top is sanded at 120, then the top is sanded 120, 180, and 220, on the stroke sander.

I break the edge with a hard block and sandpaper. I prefer a flat break to a rounded one, a flat one reflects light like a facet.

Now it's to the finishing room for oil and lacquer.

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