Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Gets

I recently picked up a Lie Nielsen split nut screwdriver .

Seriously, their tools are just amazing. It goes "click" as it seats in the nut. It is a perfect slip fit. If all screwdrivers (and screws) were made like this there would be no more of the old slip and scratch.

It promptly found a home in my small saw drawer.


  1. Where did you get your jewelers coping saw? New/used? Which coping saw do you reach for first?


  2. My jewelers saw I bought new from House of Tools about seven years ago. It's my favourite small frame saw. I use it for cutting inlay and clearing the waste from dovetails. It's very precise and clean cutting. If you're looking for one, be sure to get an adjustable model, as you can re-use broken blades. Its only drawback is its small throat.
    I have a larger fretsaw that used to be my Grandpa's. Its pretty much the same as the red handled one sold by Lee Valley. I'll use it when I need to pierce the middle of a large workpiece. I don't like it as much, the flex in the frame gives it a mushy feel that I don't have in my tightly tensioned jewelers saw.
    My coping saw is a vintage Disston. It's like a hand held bandsaw, I'll use its aggressive cut on stock larger than 1/2". Chris Schwarz has had a series of very informative posts on coping saws lately, He's got my eye out for a Millers Falls No.42.

  3. You could go this route:


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