Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Krenov Plane

I made myself a wood smoother last week.

I used the vacuum bag to laminate a Lignum Vitae sole to the Cherry body.

I bandsawed the cheeks off, then cut the ramps on the mitre saw.

I'm making a pair, exactly the same, but one with a standard bed angle of 45°, and one at the Norris angle of 55°.

I lapped the iron bed with sandpaper on granite, working my way up to 220 grit. Checking it with a square as I worked it kept it perpendicular to the sides.

I tricked it out with an ebony wedge and crosspin. For kicks I treated the cheeks like a piece of marquetry,the circle in ebony, the three in lignum. It's the same length as a Stanley #3


And working:

I'm pleased with the results, the BEM in that photo came out like glass.

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