Friday, October 2, 2009

New Gets

I picked up some shop stuff today.

A nice Billings peen.

A sweet keyhole saw.

A nice pair of carts.

Those made me pretty happy, especially because of this.

I posted about these at the Old Woodworking Machines Forum.

Jeff Joslin, the historian there, had this response: "Very cool! The P. E. Shantz Foundry dates back to the 1870s, when they made farm equipment. That business went through consolidation that left them unable to complete, so they started specializing in those carts from about 1908. They changed their name to Shantz Foundry Ltd. in the early '60s (if I recall correctly), then went under in 1969. Their factory, at the base of Shantz Hill on Highway 8, was torn down at that time. I lived in Preston from '64 to '70 and I can just barely remember the grey stone building there. I was only five or six years old when it was demolished."

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