Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Current Work

Dining Table
Cherry, Walnut


  1. Excellent, beautyful work

  2. Sweet looking top. Nothing that nice would survive in my house. With the leaves installed it looks like the edges are pretty far out. What's the chance of the table going teeter totter and sending my prize winning turkey and mashed potatoes sliding down to the floor?

  3. Wow, that looks superb Darnell, good job.

  4. Thanks, Julio and Mark!

    Thanks Seamus! I use a heavy duty lacquer, I'd bet it would last at least ten years before it needed a refinish, and after that it would look like new again. It's stable, you'd need to jump on the end and ride it all the way to the floor to send the turkey flying. It wouldn't happen by accident.

    Now, what kind of prizes has your turkey won, and how can I become a judge of that type of competition?

  5. Blue ribbon for "Consensus Best Bird At Table" every time I make it. We're always looking for new judging talent around here. Bring the family down and we'll get you setup.

  6. Very nice design and love the grain of the top. That thing is huge with the leaves.

  7. Nice piece, Darnell! Beautiful top!!

  8. Sound good, Seamus, now, where exactly in Scotland are you?

    Thanks Jeff and Vic! The middle four boards are bookmatched, they came from the sawyer, through the kiln, through the grader, into the same lift, and by chance I picked them. It wasn't until I got them to the shop did I realize they were consecutive.

  9. Nice work Darnell. The proportions are really sweet and the edges are so crisp, not to mention the solid engineering.


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